Attack of the Supercells

Supercell thunderstorm


This weekend was a total washout–literally.  Supercell thunderstorms hammered us for two straight days with heavy rain, hail, wind, and lightning. Some parts of the state had softball sized hail, but luckily we didn’t. It was surprising that there were no tornadoes reported. We needed the rain, but most of the other we could do without. I love watching thunder and lightning, but supercell storms are outright scary.

The reason why these storms are scary to me is because they are notorious for tornadoes–I have experienced a tornado for myself, and it stays with you a long time. When the wind gets up, the rain changes directions suddenly, and the constant lightning can awaken me out of the deepest sleep into fight or flight mode. Saturday night, I hardly slept a wink. I guess subconsciously I think, “What if a tornado comes when I am asleep?” I also have nightmares about tornadoes now and then.


Last year we had bad supercell storms, and my husband and I were living in a camper in my parents’ yard. That was scary; it sounded like the camper would be torn apart or blown away. We had golfball sized hail that year, and it dumped out so much hail it looked like it had snowed. We had to put coats on us to run to my parents’ house to protect us from the big hailstones. The yard was white with hail and the yard had become a river in just minutes and lightning was flashing; the hailstones pelted us and it felt like we were being shot by paintballs. There were tornadoes galore from them, but luckily for us we didn’t see one, but there was one touch down only two miles away by the way the crow flies.

There’ll be more. I don’t look forward to it 😦


About AK Taylor

Genre crossing YA author who began writing novels at 16. I enjoy outdoor activities, beekeeping, rock collecting, coin collecting, writing, drawing. Book Website: Twitter: @A_K_Taylor Facebook: Amanda Haulk Taylor/A.K. Taylor's Books page
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