Tribute to Our Troops


Welcome to Blog Tour de Troops. You should be coming by here after visiting Glenn Skinner’s Blog, and please go and visit Ron Vitale’s Blog. I was more than happy to participate in this charity event hosted by the IBC. I am always mindful of the brave men and women who keep our country safe and protect our freedoms. They and their families sacrifice more than we will ever know.


I have met and known my fair share of veterans. I have some veterans in my family and local church. Family members of friends are either veterans or actively serving. Some of the younger generation of my own family are serving. We just met a young man in our hunting club who serves in the National Guard. A friend of my in-law’s father is one of the few remaining veterans of WWII, but that wasn’t the only war he fought in! My grandfather served in Korea, and a great uncle served in Vietnam. The list goes on.

Also in Georgia, the state I live in, we have several bases here. As the crow flies, I live close to at least two. It’s not uncommon to see military equipment being hauled down the interstate or see army aircraft fly over the house or the hunting club! When jets fly over the windows rattle and the house shakes–it’s loud. We have seen a pilot practice his evasive maneuvers over our hunting club. We were able to watch him/her from the ground for like 30 minutes while we cooked breakfast. We have seen people in uniform grab a quick meal in my hometown or a different city we were at at the time.

Veterans and troops are all around us, and they are people just like us. They just have that special something that allows them to serve our country.

Without them and their sacrifices I would not have the freedom to write in this blog. The IBC would not be FREELY hosting this event. We wouldn’t be free to write the books that we are giving away to you and to them.

I always feel proud when I see a man or a woman in uniform somewhere. I am just too shy to say anything to them personally. I speak my best in writing and not verbally. This is what this blog post is all about. That’s why I participate in charity events just like this. 

It doesn’t matter to me if they have served in the past or ARE serving. They can be at home or overseas. No matter their job or division or where they are; let’s remember them this Veterans Day and during this event! All to often they are forgotten or taken for granted.

In your comments reflect on the post and share your thoughts. Do you know veterans or active troops? What are you grateful to them for? What freedoms do you enjoy that they protect? Got anything else you would like to add to the discussion? Do you see troops or have bases in your state?

Remember, each commenter instantly receives a free ebook of Neiko’s Five Land Adventure for them and a troop. Please leave your email address and your ebook format preference (Kindle, ePUB, or pdf)  so I can send you your free copy. Also, while you’re here, feel free to follow this blog by clicking follow above or take your shoes off, stay awhile, and take a look around. You can follow me on twitter at and on facebook at Also, don’t forget to pay Ron Viatle’s  Blog a visit since this party hasn’t finished yet!

If you don’t leave your email address and your ebook format preference, “I cain’t send ya no ebook!” Any questions? Salutes from the backwoods!

At this blog and the IBC…



About AK Taylor

Genre crossing YA author who began writing novels at 16. I enjoy outdoor activities, beekeeping, rock collecting, coin collecting, writing, drawing. Book Website: Twitter: @A_K_Taylor Facebook: Amanda Haulk Taylor/A.K. Taylor's Books page
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120 Responses to Tribute to Our Troops

  1. hi AK! thank you for your contribution to the brave men and women out there and for participating in this tour. i would prefer a copy of your book in pdf format please. thanks again! c”,)


  2. Beverly says:

    I am thankful every day for the men and women who serve in the military. I have many friends and family who are or have been in various branches of the armed forces, so soldiers have a special place in my heart. Thanks troops and veterans for all you do and have done to ensure the safety and freedom of this country! Thanks for being a part of this great giveaway. (I would like the pdf format please!)

  3. chingz says:

    Thanks for being part of this blog tour I’m sure everyone of them appreciate your kindness! 😀

  4. Melissa says:

    Thanks for participating and your generosity. Kindle, please.

  5. Bookblogger says:

    It’s great to see all the participation this tour gets to support the troops overseas. Thanks for being a part of it.

    Kindle format please. scottpoe (at)

  6. Andrea says:

    Thanks for taking part in such a great cause! Thanks to all the men and women that have served our country.

    andreagrendahl AT gmail DOT com

  7. Hellen says:

    Thanks for being part of this tour and I hope your book makes somebody’s day better 🙂

    I prefer pdf format, please.

    hellenlovesbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing your book with everyone.
    I love the many various pictures you found to celebrate the occasion.
    I prefer ePub format.

  9. Amanda Wimer says:

    Thank you for supporting our troops in such a generous manner! I know that each and every book received will be greatly appreciated! And thank you for allowing me to be a part of it through you!

    I have many family members who are or who have served! I also have many friends as well who have or currently are serving. Anytime I can do something to support our troops I jump at the chance! So thanks again for giving me the opportunity!

  10. Pamela Bachmayer says:

    Thank you for supporting our troups!
    I prefer epub, thanks.
    pamela at pbdesigns dot biz

  11. Leslie says:

    I am so impressed with what the Indie authors are doing. You are a great group of people.
    Thank you to our wonderful service men, women, and children.

  12. Krissie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing copies of your books and for the support of our troops. Would love a mobi version copy, please. pringpringles(at)yahoo(dot)com

  13. Melissa says:

    I teach special education at the high school level. I guess I’m pretty lucky we have recruiters in our building weekly. My students love going up to our service men and women and talking to them. The part that warms my heart is the service men and women always have time to talk to my severly disabled students.
    Melissa.gwinn (at) yahoo(dot) com
    iPad format please

  14. tagrendar says:

    Just another author on the tour checking in. This is an awesome program, and I feel really honored to be included.

    ~ Erin M. Klitzke (who is an epub kind of girl)

  15. Tamsyn says:

    This is an awesome blog tour. While not an American, I’m always thankful for the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protect the freedom and rights of people around the world. Thank you for your contribution and generousity. I would love to have a copy of your book in epub format.

  16. Sue Carney says:

    A fabulous and very worthy project! I’m very much enjoying reading all the posts on this blog tour. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your book.


    sue DOT carney AT ethosforensics DOT com

    (PDF please.)

  17. thesilverchick says:

    The only person I’ve ever really known to have served in the War was my Grandfather, who sadly passed away in 2009. I’ve written a few words about him in my latest blog post.
    Thanks for the opportunity to give (and receive!) a copy of your book!

  18. Candy says:

    thank you for supporting the troops

  19. Stephanie Overton says:

    A big THANKS to our Troops.

    Thank you for taking part of this wonderful blog tour.

    Stephanie O.

    ePub please (Nook)

  20. Maggie says:

    My husband served in the navy during Vietnam. We have an armory not far from us so we see reservists around town often. Thank you for supporting our troops through this blog tour.
    Kindle format please

  21. Patti P says:

    Thank you for participating in this wonderful support to our troops. They are all truly amazing.
    I know many people who served our country. I thank them all for their service and I am humbled by thier sacrifices.
    musicalfrog at

    I would love a pdf copy. Thank you very much.

  22. Elena Gray says:

    A.K. so glad to be touring with you! When we lived in Georgia, we would always see our soldiers at the airport. Whether coming home or departing. We made it a point to shake their hands and thank them for their service.

  23. Awesome blog tour for a great cause.


  24. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for supporting our troops!

  25. I am so very thankful for everyone who has risen to the call of duty to their country. Veteran’s Day is truly a holiday to remember, not just in a bank holiday, and hopefully a day off from school and work, but in its significance for all of our lives. xx

    shirleykcarter at yahoo dot com

  26. Thank you so much for participating in this.

    I come from a long history of military service. My maternal great grandfather’s family fought with Garibaldi and were exiled to South America. My maternal grandfather and his two brothers served in WW II, my grandfather in the Pacific, and my uncles in Europe (D Day, Battle of the Bulge). One of my uncles nearly lost his hearing from his service, and all the explosions. My grandfather was nearly killed when a Japanese fighter struck the deck of his ship.

    More recently, both my father (RIP) and stepfather served in the Navy in Vietnam. Dad was in the early stages, and died in ’89 from his exposure to Agent Orange, while stepfather was a Naval Corpsman who was attached to a Marine unit. They saw a lot of action.

    And I’m married to a former member of the Australian Air Force, who signed up at 15 under a special apprentice program.

    Thanks so much for your post and words. Though people look at me strangely, if I see a man or woman in uniform, I go out of my way to thank them. And as an introvert who works better with the written word, it CAN be uncomfortable…but given what they have gone through, my discomfort is fleeting

    My email addy is and I can take Epub.

  27. Meg says:

    Thank you for our troops, and thank you for being a part of this. It is such an amazing thing that all you authors are doing! I cannot wait to read a copy of your book.

  28. Thank you for participating in the tour 🙂 I would like the Kindle format of your book please 🙂

    brittanyrose40 AT yahoo DOT com

  29. Thanks for supporting our troops!! I grew up a military brat with a long family line to the military. I would also be in the service but due to medical reasons, cant. However, I am one of the most patriotic people I know. Flags are flying outside my house. I always stop to thank a soldier (where ever we are). I proudly sing patriotic songs. I get mad when others take for granted the freedoms we have because of the sacrifice of so many love men and women. So thank you very much for giving the troops a copy of your book! And a special shout out to my father in law who is a Vietnam Vet and has a Purple Heart among other medals!

    nook_heartnsole at yahoo dot com EPUB please

  30. winnie says:

    Thank you for supporting the troops! This tour is a wonderful idea, I’m glad so many authors are participating! Book in pdf format would be great, thanks.


  31. Allyson Meyer says:

    Thanks for supporting our troops & for the free read – I can’t wait to check out your book. Kindle format please! 🙂

    allyreads81 at gmail dot com

  32. magluvsya03 says:

    Thank you so much for supporting our troops!! I prefer kindle, but any is fine, and I look forward to reading your books!!

  33. Pauline says:

    Thanks for participating in the tour and supporting the troops!
    Have a great day. 🙂

  34. Thank you for the generous offer and for participating in this event to show your support for our veterans. shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net Please send kindle format

  35. As the wife of a currently serving soldier I want to thank you for supporting our troops. The love and support that is being shown during this Blog Tour is amazing. And I can tell you without a doubt the support is appreciated.

    My husband and I met just eight days before he was given his deployment orders. It is a long tough road that our troops and their families deal with when the soldier is deployed. Each day is tough, but we put our best foot forward so to speak and get through it.

    I can tell you, I miss my husband terribly but I am so proud of him for doing what he does.
    It’s not an easy life for our soldiers, they do it because they care about protecting our freedoms.

    So thank you for supporting each troop.

    My loving soldier Jon:

    provert247 AT gmail DOT com

  36. This is such a wonderful event, thank you so much for participating and honoring our veterans on their day and giving to our troops the joy of a good book. I am also thankful for your providing us readers a copy of your lovely book as well. I am happy with either of the formats you are offering, whichever is easiest for you. Your efforts are appreciated.


  37. Anme Burgess says:

    I live in WV and I am fairly sure we have no base, but there is a camp about 40 minutes away from my home where the military does sometimes occupy. I know once that they had trained soldiers in urban warfare nearby.

    Thank you for participating in this great tour, I look forward to reading your book!
    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

  38. John Thomas says:

    Thanks for supporting the troops. Please send my copy to the troops as well. Thanks again.

  39. Holly says:

    Thank you for participating in such an amazing cause 🙂 My Granddad was in the RAF and fought during WWII, as a big reader himself before he died I know he would have loved the idea of the Tour de Troops.

    .Mobi Please


  40. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for participating in this wonderful event! It is a great way to thank our troops!


  41. CassandraG says:

    Nice post. This is a great way to support the troops. Thanks

  42. Tracy Riva says:

    My son-in-law is on active duty in Iraq, getting ready to come, hopefully in time for the holidays. This tour, it’s his second, has been especially hard him. He battles not only the fear of being in a war zone, but homesickness every day.

    I appreciate what men and women like him are doing every day, whether in war zones or in places of relative safety, we have troops stationed all over the world. Each of them sacrifices more than we can know and even those at home know that any day they could be called up or transferred overseas and they are willing to do that for us.

    I’m grateful for this opportunity to give something back, to say, in some small way, “Thank you,” and I’m thankful that you and the IBC have offered so many of us this opportunity.

    I would like my book in PDF, please and thank you.


  43. books4me says:

    thank you for supporting out troops. I am not including my email as I don’t want a free book, at this time.

  44. ryan mills says:

    As a 24yr vet it has been my honor to serve.
    Thank you for what you do.

  45. Georgeanna says:

    Thank you your generosity in helping to get book to our troops. This tour is a wonderful effort. Your book sounds like a fun read and I’m sure our troops will love it as much as I will.
    Kindle works for me.

  46. Thank you for participating in this tour! My grandfather was in the navy, so the military has always been near and dear to my heart. I try to “pay it forward” when we see someone out in uniform we try to buy them their dinner. It’s a small way of saying – YOU MATTER. God bless our military today and always!

  47. lostbowyer says:

    My father and Uncle servwed in WWII, My Uncle went on to serve in other arenas as well. Thank you for being part of this great event!


  48. My wife’s brother and father were both veterans (sadly, both are gone now), and members of my family also served in the military, and we are both so grateful for all they sacrificed for our freedoms.
    Please send my free copy to another soldier. God bless ’em all!

  49. Traci says:

    Thank you for being part of this event. I would prefer a Kindle format please.
    nebby AT zoominternet DOT net

  50. Miranda says:

    Thank you to all of our Veteran’s and those who are serving today!

    pdf please

  51. janey2 says:

    Repeating what others have said: thank you to the troops for what they do; thank you to you for supporting them and supplying a book for them to read; and thank you from me for your book – I can’t wait. In PDF format please.

    jandhj2 (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca

  52. Martha says:

    My dads a vet and I’m proud of him every day. Because of what they do we get to live free!! Thanks for supporint them and this tour!! I would love to read your book – Kindle format please! : )

    Martha –

  53. Sophia Rose says:

    Thank you for participating in the blog tour to get books into the hands of the soldiers.

    You’re reflections of living near military bases and being exposed to military activity brought back memories for me. I lived in off-base housing near the end of an airbase runway. Our house rattled constantly and mom had her decorative plates in her little china hutch wired to the wall. As I child I could name you a plane or copter just by its sound. My parents were both serving on that base, but we also had two other AF Bases within a half hour (I know that seems a lot, but they were all different kinds of bases with different plane squadrons) and an army depot. Our whole Sacramento metro community was practically military of some sort and I have always been thrilled to see them in uniform and serving even though it could have been quite tres blase. Thank you soldiers!
    prefer Kindle thanks

  54. Andrea Ariail says:

    Thank you for supporting our troops this way (and I have to say that I’m going to enjoy it too). My father, husband and brother-in-law have all served or are currently serving and anything that supports our troops is near and dear to my heart.
    Thanks again,
    (ePub please)

  55. Ruby M says:

    This tour was an amazing idea! It’s great to see so many people participating. Thanks for supporting our troops!

  56. Thank you for supporting our troops. 🙂

    reikibirth at gmail dot com

  57. Numerous members of my family on both sides have served in the armed forces for several generations, both in the US & abroad. One of my mothers uncles paid the ultimate sacrifice in Europe during WWII. I have never taken for granted the sacrifices of our troops & applaud those who contribute to make their time away from family & home more bearable.

    As a member of LibraryThing, who had signed up for your giveaway of Neiko’s Five Land Adventure there, posting a comment here has enabled me to ensure that 2 other people get to read your book, since I’m relinquishing my spot on LibraryThing to another member.

    Thanks so much for all you are doing for the troops.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  58. Evan says:

    Thanks for all that you’re doing to support our troops. Hopefully this comment will help one soldier at least pass the time for a few hours. kindle version

  59. Don Cox says:

    Thanks for being part of the tour and supporting the troops!

  60. Julie Witt says:

    I want to commend all of you for what you are doing to support the morale of our troops! My husband was in the Navy and my mother-in-law and daughter were in the Air Force, so supporting our men and women holds a special place in my heart!
    I look forward to reading your book 🙂
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  61. Christy says:

    Thank you for caring and brightening the day of many well-deserving soldiers. christygibbon at juno dot com Kindle format please

  62. Amelia says:

    What a wonderful way to help the troops especially during this time of year. My dad, his brother and several uncles served in the Korean war.

    Thank you so much for sharing. You have some beautiful pictures on you site.

  63. nancyg5997 says:

    In my job, I deal with veterans, homeless and others, on a daily basis. Many just want to get back to what serves as ‘normal’ for them, while others want to help those just returning to adjust to civilian life. Thanks for the impact you are making with this effort.

  64. Carolyn Valdez says:

    This is a great tour that you all are doing for the troops. Thank you so much. epub format please

  65. Mary says:

    Thank you for supporting our troops in such a wonderful way. Please donate my copy to a soldier.

  66. SusanB says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to help the troops. They are truly heroes. Please give my book to a soldier.

  67. Sandi says:

    What a great cause – thanks for supporting our troops!

    I look forward to reading your book! Nook format please.


  68. SarahM says:

    What a great way to support our troops! Thank you 🙂

    smaccall AT

  69. Thanks for supporting the troops. Please send me a kindle version

    eileen at booksrusonline dot com

  70. Robyn says:

    I’m glad for my freedom to learn about all the things I want, and to say what I think. Thank-you for doing this.


  71. MJB says:

    Thanks for making this such a great event and for your generosity! I would love an ePub version for my nook…
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  72. I still live in Ga also never left. Heres my short story.
    First i want to thank you for all you do for helping all the men and women of the armed forces. I am a war orphan from during the Vietnam Era. My my father left our house one day in 1962 with a group of men from fort Benning georgia where my little brother was only a month old. Well He and the whole group went missing right after leaving Saigon never to be herad from again not even as p.o.w, Not long after being in vietnam. My Mom was left in a strange State with eight kids with no family to fend for herself, My father was an E7 at this time and always worked 2 jobs to have enough money to support us. Well it took over ten years to delecare him dead and my mom lost our home and we had to rent a much smaller place. She never remarried or dated. She loved him to the day she died. Want i am getting at is that we had no support or even family support raising up. We were just forgotten. It was so hard for my mom. I just want to never see this happen to any other military family ever again. Thanks joannie jscddmj [at] aol [dot] com

  73. Thank you for being part of this blog tour. I appreciate your gifting of ebooks to our troops. My grandfather fought in WWII. He is my hero. He had to leave his wife and two young daughters to protect our country. My grandmother grew a victory garden and took in boarders to fight the battles on the homefront. They are among thousands who sacrificed so that we can enjoy the lives we have today. Thank you again.

    Most Cordially,

    Ardee-ann PDF version. Thanks!

  74. Carol Lena says:

    Thank you for supporting our troops.

  75. Thank you for supporting our troops and thank all veterans and active military troops.

    earthsbooknook at gmail dot com

  76. tweezle says:

    I already have your book but wanted to stop by and say:
    “Thank for your generosity and supporting our troops!”

  77. Sue says:

    Thank you for participating and supporting our troops

  78. rhonda laney says:

    kindle thank you Vets. thanks also for sharing your ebooks.

  79. Thanks for taking part in the Blog Tour de Force! Such a great cause. 🙂


  80. Thank you for taking part in the tour for our troops! I really connected with what you said. Our troops do have that something special that gives them the courage to defend us everyday. I also feel a bit shy to walk up to someone in uniform and thank them. I think: they’re probably too busy doing something important to stop and listen to someone say thank you. Or maybe its too cliche or overdone. But I’m getting better at overcoming my timidity and expressing my thanks. Its the least we can do considering they have done so much for us!

    Thank you to our men and women in uniform!

    brjf AT yahoo DOT com

  81. Karen Jake says:

    I live within 20 miles of four different military bases. I used to send books overseas via ‘Books for Soldiers’, and this is the best way I’ve seen yet to continue that effort!

  82. Nan says:

    What a great way to honor and give to the people serving our country. Thank you for participating. Kindle format please.

  83. I enjoyed your site and thank you for participating in this cause and in this tour. By the way you have a very nice blog site and will be spending some time on it. Thanks again.

    Best wishes,
    D. M. Kenyon
    author at lotus blossom book dot com

  84. Great site, AK & thanks for your participation! You rock, sista.

  85. We have a few bases in my state but I do not live close to them. We have many family members who have served in the past. I would like my book to be a either an EPUB or PDF file please. Look forward to reading your book

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  86. Krysykat says:

    My paternal grandfather fought in the Korean War and my maternal grandfather was in WW II, I am very proud and grateful of both of them. Thank you to all that serve.


  87. theresa9696 says:

    Thank you for supporting our Troops!

  88. acm05 says:

    Thank you for participating and donating books.

  89. Berit says:

    Thanks to those who serve, their families – and to everyone participating in this tour. What a wonderful way to support the troops!

    (Epub please)

    beritlemons AT gmail DOT com

  90. Jeryl M. says:

    Happy to support a good cause.

  91. Beth says:

    Thank you to all our veterans and all our troops! Thanks for participating in this giveaway.

  92. Diamond Skye says:

    Thanks for participating in such a great way to give back to the troops!
    diamondskye20 at yahoo dot com

  93. barbara lay says:

    thank you so much for supporting our troops thanks you. and pfd format is fine .thanks.

  94. Thank you for supporting the troops the past, present and the future.
    And thank you for goin through all this work , I know it’s greatly appreciated.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  95. Karen says:

    Thank you for your support and the ebook

    kolists a\t gmail dt com

  96. Sue says:

    This is such a great thing. Thanks!


  97. Teresa Kleeman says:

    First of all I want to thank all of you authors who are participating in the blog tour. I’m a Military brat of two retired Navy fathers. My real father has passed but my step-father is alive and still proud of being in the Navy.

    What a way to honor our Service men by having this blog. I want to thank each and every commentor for leaving a comment. This is the nicest way to give back and say thank you.

    I now live in NC and Ft. Bragg is about 40 mins away as the Crow Flys. I too see the manenuvers being done by the Pilots of Choppers and actually watch the paratroopers from the 82nd Airbourne jump and play there war games.

    It always gives me a thrill to see them, the reason being they have served and died to give me a right to complain about our government. The right to be free and alive and not under rule by some Dictator.

    Thank you so much you beautiful Men & Woman of our Armed Forces.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com
    Pdf format is fine. Thank you.

  98. Diane says:

    My dad was a WWII vet and landed at Omaha Beach on D-day. He didn’t live quite long enough to go on one of the Honor Tours and he didn’t talk about the war but he looked very dashing in the pictures. : )

    I live in Omaha where they turned SAC into a navel base. LOL The very idea of a navel base in Nebraska is funny, but I am sure they are still underground keeping watch.

    Thanks for the book and thanks for supporting our troops
    OmahaUrbanec AT aol Dot com

    • Diane says:

      Oops. Meant to say I have a Kindle. Best thing ever if you have arthritis and love big old brink books. thanks again.

  99. Holly says:

    thanks for doing this. As an army veteran of multiple deployments, I can assure you that reading provides sanity and a chance to explore worlds outside the dust/rain/dirt of the present un-fun. With the advent of eBook readers it has become even easier to read, try new authors and to feel less cut off from the world.

    sincerely – Holly (prosekniticATyahooDOTde)

  100. Carlton says:

    Great cause. Thanks for supporting the troops as we thank them for supporting us.

    best – Carlton

  101. Thank you so much for showing such support to such a great cause.

    Please donate my copy to a soldier.

    Thank you!

  102. Barb A says:

    So happy to help out our troops & earn a free book in the process. This is such a great program. Thanks to all our military, their families & the IBC.

  103. Pinky says:


    Thanks for being part of the tour.

    To all of the women & men of the military, thank you for everything you do, the sacrifices you make, and for keeping our country safe! To the families of those in the military, thank you for the sacrifices you make each and every day.


  104. I’m so glad there’s another Tour de Troops!! Can’t wait to see if there’s more comments than Memorial Day! What a great way to give our troops a little escape in a book while they are away from home and at war. Thanks IndieBookCollective!! Thanks for the free book – can’t wait to read your story!

    I would like the troop book to go to my cousin Zachary Neer serving in the United States Army in Afghanistan.

    missyebookmail (AT) mediacombb (DOT) net

  105. Roxs says:

    Thanks for participating! Kindle format would be good.

    roxburysnoopy-blogtourdeforce at

  106. Jessica B. says:

    I love your post and the pictures. I do know some veterans but I don’t personally know any people serving now. I’m grateful for my freedom of choice. If we didn’t have this then we wouldn’t be were we are today. I don’t have any bases around where I live but I think that it might be interested to spend a day or 2 at one or even being in the shoes of one of these heroes. Thank you to all of our veterans and troops out there.
    jessangil at gmail dot com
    pdf please
    -Jessica B

  107. Nikki says:

    Thank you so much for supporting our troops!! This is a wonderful event!! PDF please!!

  108. I took awhile reading on Amazon so I’m late, even later because I found this tour a couple of hours ago. My family has 3 vets and my youngest son about to join the AF. I’m sherahart at blogspot dot com. I write fantasy/SF for MG and YA.

  109. Elaine says:

    Thanks so much for supporting our troops

  110. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks for doing this!

    kindle, epub or nook will work for me.

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