Name: A.K. Taylor

Occupations: MG/YA fantasy/scifi  author, beekeeper, amateur herpetologist, scientist, artist, marksman, blogger, outdoor sportsman, and animal lover. Musician and instrumentalist who played the French horn since middle school.

Interesting facts: I love the animals that most people hate. I LOVE snakes. Snakes need love too, but I don’t cuddle  with the venomous ones, BTW, so you won’t see my life story on “Fatal Attractions”. Most people hate bees (not the same thing as wasps and hornets), but they aren’t as easy to hold and pet since they are too easy to squash and they sting.  I love them enough so that they will make honey.

Chocoholic and action addict. Big Vin Diesel fan. I have a lot of favorite movies: Star Wars, Dirty Harry, Legend…I’ll stop there. Did I mention I was an action addict? I don’t like being bored.

I began my writing career young at sweet 16 that began with my debut novel Neiko’s Five Land Adventure. Instead of a car, I wanted my own computer, but didn’t happen till I bought my own about five years later. I started out on my parents’ ancient slow computer. I received my first rejection slip when I was 21, but it was a blessing in disguise. I chose the indie way instead!

Graduate of UGA with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Total science nerd. I love all science besides biology; chemistry is my fave. I hate political science, but that’s  not science–I don’t even think it’s a  pseudoscience.

Where to find me:

Twitter: @A_K_Taylor

Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Profile/author page

Amazon Webpage

Email: spottedeagle9780 at aol dot com

Also rumored to be hiding:












Twitter Coordinator for SciYourFi and ThrillersRockT for the Indie Book Collective (IBC)

PT Book Reviewer when I can find time to read among my writing and marketing exploits 😉

For a signed Kindle of my book click here


2 Responses to About

  1. kentweber says:

    This is a great article A.K. I featured it in the blogpost below, for cleverness.


    Nice showing!

    • Wow! Hey, that was a nifty surprise! Thanks! Thanks for coming by! 🙂 Saw your post, and that was interesting. We have to liken book marketing to something we know or get lost or frustrated 😉

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